Spectralase Diode Laser

At Safer Orthodontics, we are committed to enhancing the overall orthodontics experience for our patients. This is why we sought out the Spectralase Diode Laser, one of the most sophisticated soft-tissue lasers for use in orthodontics.

Dr. Safer may recommend the use of a soft-tissue dental laser during or after your orthodontic treatment for the following situations:

  • Reshape gingival (gum) tissue for improve esthetics.
  • Expose (or uncover) impacted teeth to allow faster eruption of these teeth.
  • Reduce gingival swelling around orthodontic appliances to improve oral hygiene.
  • Release heavy muscular (frenum) attachments that place tension on the adjacent teeth, which could lead space re-opening.

The laser procedure is usually performed using only a topical (gel) anesthetic, although some patients may request local anesthetic. There is no bleeding and minimal discomfort during and after the use of the laser. If needed, ibuprofen can be used for minor discomfort. To improve the healing process, we recommend the use of a special antimicrobial mouth rinse or salt water rinse several times a day for the first few days following the procedure. It is also important to avoid hot, spicy foods for the first week because they may irritate the treated areas.

This patient developed severe inflammation of his gums due to poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. Laser therapy helped to significantly improve the patient’s gum condition, and he was encouraged to maintain a continued oral hygiene regimen. The patient subsequently underwent jaw surgery to correct his underbite.