Before and After

Our Success Stories: Actual Cases Treated by Dr. Safer

Crossbite correction of top front teeth and composite buildup of fractured lower incisor.

This patient presented with an extra lower front tooth. This tooth was removed and the other teeth were placed into their appropriate positions. Note the great improvement in oral hygiene!

Deep bite and severe lower crowding that were corrected with extractions in conjunction with braces.

Correction of significantly flared front teeth with large noticeable gaps. Sometimes, towards the end of treatment, permanent retainers are inserted in addition to the standard removable retainers to prevent the large spaces from re-opening.

Open bite closure case. The patient can now happily use her front teeth to bite into an apple, something that could not be accomplished before treatment!

Improvement of upper and lower crowding, crossbites of two upper teeth, and a deep bite. The newly erupting teeth were guided into place to create a harmonious smile!

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